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Online Shop - Wedding Ideas Page [1 of 1]

Weddings are special occasions and so are all about looking good.

We all know that a man wearing a kilt is about as good as it gets, but as always its the details that really count! So how about trying some of our suggestions below? If there is anything specific that you are looking for please contact us and we can see if it can be sourced.

(1) Update an outfit with a new kilt pin or belt buckle.

(2) What about a beautifully crafted sgian dubh?

(3) For something subtle yet smart, how about our cufflink sets, best with a kilt but equally at home with a dress shirt or suit?

(4) Want to wear your family crest? Then how about a clan crest set? A full set of clan crest items for wearing with a kilt. A list of all available crests can be viewed on our tartans and clans page. These are crafted in Scotland by Art Pewter who are an official manufacturer approved by the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.


5 Button Waistcoat
Price: 55.99

Semi Dress Black Sporran
Price: 92.00

Thistle on a silver backround cufflinks
Price: 14.99

Drum Kilt Pin
Price: 22.95

Black Argyll Kilt Jacket
Price: 228.00

Celtic Sgian Dubh Stone Top
Price: 97.50

Highland Zoomorphic Belt Buckle
Price: 12.99

Wing Collar Pleated Front
Price: 33.99

Black Kilt Socks
Price: 12.99

Clan Crest Traditional Sporran
Price: 199.95

Black Ruche Tie
Price: 9.99

St Andrews Chrome Buckle
Price: 23.99

Lion Rampant Stag Sgian Dubh
Price: 42.50

bruce Kilt Pin No. 213
Price: 15.95

Clan Crest Gift Set
Price: 137.50

15 products found
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