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Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Why Are Your Kilts 10 Times As Much As Lidls (or other generic 'sports' / bargain kilts)?

Ten Reasons Why Our £250 Kilts Are Worth Ten £25 Kilts

(1) Our kilts will last a lifetime (and beyond) as opposed to a couple of trips to the pub.

(2) Our kilts are individually made (and made to measure) for each of our customers, and certainly not mass-produced to an identikit design.

(3) Our kilts are made from 100% pure Scottish Wool, as opposed to 'poly viscose'

(4) You can choose from well over 3000 Tartans when ordering a kilt from us, and not just 8 or less of the most common tartans

(5) Our kilts are made from 8 yards of material, as opposed to 4 yards (and there are reasons why kilts are supposed to be made from 8 yards of material!)

(6) Our kilts have many deep pleats, which are carefully sewn, so that our kilts hang properly and swing as you walk or dance

(7) A real kilt will keep you warm!

(8) Our kilts are made by skilled craftsmen in Scotland, where wild beasts still roam, and the smell of peat and whisky wafts through the air as opposed to a large industrial factory in China

(9) We offer a personal and tailored service to each one of our customers and always offer free help and advice

(10) We offer a full range of high quality Scottish made kilt accessories and Highland Wear, unfortunately we don't offer cut price milk and bread....




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