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Tartans & Clans

McAllans Highland WearThere are various ways to choose the tartan for your kilt, the most common (and most traditional) being your family name or a family name of your ancestors. These days it is becoming more common to choose a tartan because you like it or because it represents where you are from, where you live or a personal association. Many areas or districts in Scotland have their own tartans, and there are also a number of 'Scottish' Tartans such as 'Scotland's National Tartan', the 'Braveheart' tartan and the 'Blue Lion' . If you have Irish connections then there are tartans for each area in Ireland , as traditionally Irish Tartans are based on geographical area rather than family name. There are also options of plain coloured tartans such as the very popular black tartan .

We can also supply any of the tartans in any length you may require, please email us for a competitive quote.

Should you want any item of clothing (dresses, skirts, trews, jackets etc), other than a kilt, made from tartan then please contact us as we can usually have them made by one of our tailors.

If you leave the search box blank then all the tartans in that section will be displayed. If you can't find the tartan that you are looking for contact us and we will see if we can find it through one of our mills.

The Caithness Tartan - Only available from McAllans

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