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Wearing a Kilt

McAllans Highland WearThere are two basic kinds of kilt, the 'great kilt' which is a strip of tartan wrapped around the waist and up over the shoulder (but not really worn today) and the 'small kilt ' which is a sewn and tailored strip of tartan pleated, wrapped around the waist and held with buckles. This has been around for the last 200 or so years and is a smarter way of wearing tartan. Given that variations of the kilt have been around for hundreds of years (even the ancient Greeks wore a version of the kilt) there is no hard and fast way that you should or 'have' to wear a kilt. As with many things it is dependent on both the occasion and personal taste. What many people assume to be the traditional way of wearing a kilt is actually based on the way Scottish regiments in the 19th Century wore their kilts, hence the military styling of the Prince Charlie and Argyll jackets .

The kilt can be worn in a very casual style with a t-shirt or football top, a pair of boots, and a loose pair of socks or it can be worn in a very formal style with a bow tie , brogues , a Prince Charlie jacket and kilt flashes .

McAllans Highland WearTraditionally your choice of tartan is based your ancestors clan though more recently many more tartans have been introduced that are based on where you or your family or ancestors are from (Irish tartans are area rather than clan based anyway) or on associations or football teams, and more general Scottish tartans (such as Scottish National , Flower of Scotland , or Braveheart ). The current style of tartans were really invented by the Victorians, as traditionally tartans were dyed using local heathers and flowers thus giving them the variations that we today associate with the clans. Most of the original tartan designs were lost when the kilt was banned after the 1745 uprising.

Our kilts are all hand made to your size (though the buckles give you a bit of lee-way, should you have had a good Christmas or have been spending longer at the gym than normal…) and shape. So providing that the measurements are correct you should have a garment that has been made to your exact size. This means that it will be cut to fit and hang well so that you get that full kilt swing!
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